The visual artistry is often a solo affair. The artists association Terra-viva offers its members the opportunity to reflect on the work with professional colleagues. We challenge each other to look from other angles at our work. Through the many different disciplines that are practiced within Terra-viva, an inspiring and colorful environment arises.

From there we are looking for an exciting topic that can be used for a joint project or exhibition. Thus we question each other’s views on art and creating space to escape the beaten track. We make a lot of fun together, that good mutual understanding ensures the confidence to work on new adventures.

As an association, it is also possible to achieve more complex plans than you may realize as an individual artist.

With a group of artists you are stronger in negotiations with funders, communities, galleries, museums or other institutions. The association is in turn a clear point of contact for all kinds of organizations.[/one_half][one_half_last]

The public space is also an important field for Terra-viva, where we go looking for interesting opportunities for our members.

Besides exhibitions and projects in specific locations, we also develop other activities. Joint visit to exhibitions, galleries, exhibitions and lectures but also factories for new material to gain knowledge.

We can also help each other in practical terms, on publicity, technical and logistics and also alert each other on assignments.

Currently there is blowing a stiff headwind in the art world, but Terra-viva wants to continue to amaze the others and themselves with unique, high-profile projects.